CVS Cocoa Butter Dry Oil Review

I was in CVS today and bought a ton of Maybelline products, which I will be reviewing in the coming days.  But I also found myself wandering in the skincare aisle and saw CVS Brand Cocoa Butter dry oil spray.
I have really dry skin, and I'm always looking for the next best moisturizer.  I love dry oils because the soak right in and leave your skin velvety soft without feeling greasy.  I also find that oils hydrate the skin longer than lotions, and work wonders if you use them when your skin is slightly damp from the shower.

This product comes in a spray bottle that is actually a continuous spray, so you hold it down once and it keeps going.  You can get every angle even your back pretty easily and it just mists on, rather than coming out in globs.
I used it today and here's what I found: 

Intense moisturizers- Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Brazilian Nut Oil and Sweet Almond Oil. 
Leaves a gorgeous sheen on the skin. 
Soaks right in- no greasy feeling.  Skin feels like velvet.
Sprays a light mist
Smells like chocolate

Smells like chocolate. 

Ok, so I wanted to love this product so much, because the product itself is fantastic!  At first, I loved the chocolatey smell,  but at work, and the guy at the cubicle next to me started calling me Swiss Miss, saying that I smelled like "one of those packets of instant hot chocolate".  All day long, everyone who came over to my side of the room asked what smelled funny.  Then I got home and my fiancee said, "you smell really weird."  I told him the scent was chocolate and he said, "well, it's gross...sorry!" 
So...if you buy this product, be prepared for comments- good and bad. 
Unfortunately, I will be returning this because I can't take any more of the comments and the smell is so strong, that it lasts for hours and hours.  
CVS if you're listening, can you please, please, make a dry oil without a scent? 

XOXO Jenna
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