Loreal Color Riche LeGloss Review (& Nude Touch Swatches)

I buy lipglosses all the time, and usually they aren't that pigmented.  I mean, something that looks hot pink in the tube barely adds any color to my lips.  So I wasn't expecting much when I purchased Loreal's new Le Gloss in Nude Touch.  

Jennifer Lopez is the face of this new product and she looks amazing as ever.  According to Loreal's website, Le Gloss is "infused with Ultra Hydrating Omega 3, protective Vitamin E, and Argan Oil for the richest shine experience yet".  

This gloss is actually very pigmented, and I am loving the texture.  It feels and looks similar to a Chanel Glossimer I used to have, and at a fraction of the price- $7.99!  It's long lasting (for a gloss anyway) and super shiny.  It also smells a bit like a vanilla cookie- yum!  If you're looking for a gloss that actually adds color to your lips as well as shine, you have to try this one! 
The color I purchased was Nude Touch (similar to my own lipcolor- I wasn't in a bold mood today!).  

Right out of the tube. 
Still has lots of pigment and shine when spread out.

My lips before- no gloss.

My lips after.  I have to say that the picture looks much less intense than in real life.  The camera didn't pick up the shine and color as much as it could have.  In real life, my lips actually looked like J. Lo's above!
Have any of you tried this?  What are your thoughts?

XO Jenna

Drugstore Beauty Shopping Secrets

                                          Kourtney Kardashian shops at Walgreens

This month's issue of Allure magazine has some great drugstore shopping advice.  I can't resist sharing a few of these tips with you guys!

Tip #1: Go to a company's website before you go shopping.  Cover Girl, Loreal, Revlon and others will have shade-matching tools on their websites that can be very accurate.  I've actually done this myself, and the sites were able to come up with colors that would look great on me based on my skin, hair and eye colors.  Some also match shades with other brands.

Tip#2: Look for new products in July and January, which is when a large number of new products launch.  These products are usually displayed on endcaps at the ends of aisles, rather than mixed in with the older products. 

Tip#3: When choosing a foundation, if you're between shades, go for the one that's slightly darker, because it will warm your complexion and you can blend it out if you need to.  You can also bring your old foundation with you and match up the bottles- apparently, this works really well. 

Tip#4: Buy eyeliners and lipliners made in Germany.  There are two factories there that produce both luxury and drugstore liners (pencils, liquids and markers) and use similar waxes and pigments in both.  I recently bought an N.Y.C. Cosmetics eyeliner that I absolutely love, and when I checked the package, sure enough, it comes from Germany!

To read more, check out this month's issue of Allure- they talk about the top products that their experts buy from the drugstore, as well as the drugstore products that rich women buy. 
You can also read part of this article online at:  http://www.allure.com/beauty-trends/blogs/daily-beauty-reporter/2011/06/the-drugstore-beauty-finds-rich-women-cant-resist.html

                                            Amanda Seyfried and Blake Lively shop at CVS

Cover Girl Intense Shadowblast Review

Right up front, I'm going to admit that I hate cream eye shadows.  They're a good idea in theory, but every one I've tried has failed me miserably.  They crease, they fade, they just plain wipe off- especially when it's hot outside.
Which is why I majorly hesitated when I saw Cover Girl's new Intense Shadow Blast in the drugstores.  Finally I broke down, because my readers have been emailing me, asking to see a review- and I'm so glad I did! 

I purchased 2 shades: Platinum Pop and Brown Bling. Here they are below: 
They have a soft, sponge applicator that you use to apply the shadow to your lid, but it goes on a little gloppy, so you have to dab and blend it with your finger. 
These are different from other cream shadows, because they have primer built in to them to prevent fading/creasing... and it truly works! 
I have used them alone, and they give a nice, dewy, glowy finish that looks gorgeous in the daytime.  I wear these to work and they last at least until I get home after 8 hours.  But my favorite way to use them, is to layer them under shadow.  Let me demonstrate: 
 The photo above is Brown Bling by itself.  (I'm using my arm so it's easier to see the color- but they eye is obviously a much smoother surface). 

 Next, I used the light brown shadow to the right in my new Maybelline Eye Studio kit (Color is Caffeine Rush).  The above photo is the shadow by itself. 
 The last photo, above shows the shadow alone (top) and the shadow layered over the Intense Shadow Blast (below).  It makes the color crazy-intense and it lasts forever this way- seriously, I needed some major soap and scrubbing to get this off of my arm!

Here's the Platinum Pop, layered with a silvery shadow- same concept.
Intense Shadow Blast by itself

 Using the light gray shadow on the top of this Maybelline New York Palette (Glamorous Gray), 

Shadow by itself (above)
Shadow alone on top, shadow over Intense Shadow Blast on the bottom.  

I think I'm going to buy the other colors, because I'm not sure how I lived without this product before.  They are so much better than a regular shadow primer, because their color makes your shadow more intense.  I'm totally in love- what do you guys think? 
I'd love to hear from someone with oily eyelids on the longevity of this product, because my skin is dry, so it might last longer on me than some of you. 

XO Jenna
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