NYC Cosmetics Big Bold Ultra Volumizing Mascara Review

I'm always up for testing a new mascara, so when I saw this new NYC Big Bold Mascara at CVS, and saw that it only cost $3.99,  I had to get it.  I had $2 in extra care bucks from purchasing Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle repair serum ( review coming this week!), so this only cost me $1.99.  
The packaging says: 
"Volume transforming complex for up to 15X lash volumizing effect.  The unique mega brush is our biggest plastic brush ever, making every little lash bigger, fuller and more dramatic! Lash fortifying formula gives an instant lash darkening effect while the 3D Aquanet system leaves lashes soft and supple."

So they weren't kidding about the huge brush- it's very chunky.  Here's some pictures:

Here's what the brush looks like next to Cover Girl's Lash Perfection (center) and Maybelline's Lots of Lashes (right): 

I was a little worried about the giant brush, and immediately flashed back to Rimmel's Scandaleyes mascara I reviewed a few weeks ago.  That brush was also huge and I kept getting product all over my eyelids.  

So my first attempt with NYC's Big Bold didn't turn out so well.  Maybe it was because it was the first time pulling the brush out of the tube, but it was kinda gloppy and my lashes ended up looking a little bit clumpy and spidery, like this: 
So I decided to give it another shot on my other eye, this time, wiping the brush off a little bit with a tissue.  

And here's the after shot: 

I really love the result I got the second time around!  It darkened my lashes really well, lengthened, volumized, and even added a little curl.  Even though the brush is big, it was easier to control than the Rimmel Scandaleyes, I think because the wand on this one is shorter.  I didn't get anything on my eyelids, and it was easy to build up several coats (I did a bunch of comb throughs with the wand, zigzagging it back and forth).  

So my only real complaint about this mascara is that not enough product is wiped from the brush when pulling it out of the tube, but that's an easy fix, by blotting it with a tissue.  So I'm totally sold on this one- great results for the price! 
What do you guys think?  Any thoughts?


  1. I love your results the second time around. That's a really good price for mascara too. I've never tried NYC but maybe I will now.

  2. I actually like the results you got from the first time around! Your lashes stand out a little bit more in that picture.

  3. Hi Laura,

    They definitely did stand out a lot the first time- I think it's just a more dramatic look, vs a more daytime look. I tend to like a more daytime look, but for going out, drama isn't always bad :)

  4. best mascara I have used so far and that is including dept. store brands as well. This makes my eye lashes dark and long. And I get 0% clumping. It is very buildable so you can go for either a day time or night time look. Absolutely love it, hope they dont stop making this mascara!


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