Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadow Palette Review and swatches

Revlon recently revamped their Colorstay 16 Hour eyeshadows, and I'm digging the new look and especially the new color palettes.  I purchased one in Siren, which has gray-purple shades.  

The back of the palette has a guide that shows you where to put each color, which is cool.
According to Revlon's website, these shadows are supposed to be long-wearing, and not "crease, fade or smudge".  The website also says that these "rich, velvety shadows blend smoothly and effortlessly".  

Here's a close up of the colors in the Siren palette.  I really like how they've laid it out so that there's more of the lighter colors you'll use the most, and less of the darker, crease color.   With my other eyeshadow palettes, I tend to run out of the lighter shades first, which is annoying.

  • The top color is a silvery gray that's meant to be a highlight color along the browbone, so it's  light and shimmery.  
  • The next color to the right is a plummy purple with some shimmer, and is meant to be the main eyelid shade.  
  • The third shade on the bottom left is a taupe with a little gray/purple in it.  The guide says to use this on the outer corner of the eye, but I would also use this as the main eyelid color if I wanted a less dramatic eye look.  
  • The last color on the bottom right is a dark gray, almost black, meant to go in the crease.  This color has a slightly different texture than the others- it's thicker and more matte.  

Here are swatches of the colors clockwise from top left (without primer): 

My verdict is that I love these eyeshadows- they don't disappoint.  They are richly pigmented, and lasted the entire workday.  I wouldn't say that they truly lasted 16 hours on me, but after 9 hours, they hadn't faded much at all. 
Also, I didn't use primer when testing these out, so I would imagine they will last even longer over a primer.  
A little bit of shimmer from the purple shade migrated underneath my eyes, but that's my one and only complaint!  


  1. Beautiful colors! I read in a magazine that violet colors are good for making blue or green eyes pop. I'll have to look for this palette the next time I'm out.

  2. i have that one!


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