March 7, 2012

Is the new ELF Essential Cover Everything Concealer a dupe for Benefit's Lemon Aid?

While checking out the ELF website,, I found this new concealer that comes in a corrective yellow shade, as well as regular skintone shades.  It reminded me of Benefit's Lemon Aid.  I know that Lemon Aid is an eyelid primer, but I'm thinking that this ELF one could be used on the eyelid as well.  I use concealer on my eyelids all the time.  
Yellow will get rid of redness and discoloration and create a perfect neutral canvas for applying eyeshadow.  I love Lemon Aid, but if this ELF one is even almost as good, I'll be psyched- it's only $2!

Elf's Version:
Benefit's Version:

Just wondering if anyone has tried this, and what your thoughts are on it?  

If you find any great dupes, be sure to share them on our Forum! 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for a cheaper yellow concealer to come out. I would definitely use it on my lids, and it's soooo much cheaper. Thank u!!!