March 8, 2012

Jordana EasyShine Glossy Lip Color Review and Watermelon & Raspberry Swatches

I keep passing by the new Jordana section at my local Walgreens and glancing at the products but today I finally stopped and took a closer look.  These Easyshine Glossy lip colors totally intrigued me.  They seemed to be a cross between a tinted balm and a lip gloss, and they were only $1.99 each!  So I got 2 of them- Watermelon (left) and Raspberry (right).

The first thing I noticed about these was that they smell exactly like their names.  The packaging is decent, but I don't expect too much for $1.99 anyway.  My one complaint is that the product doesn't wind down past where they are in my photo above, so when I go to put the cap back on, I have to be careful not to take a chunk out of the lip color- I can't just stick it back on in a hurry like I usually do.  
That said, these are surprisingly pigmented for such an inexpensive product, and they are really shiny as well! 
Here's what the colors look like in sunlight- Raspberry on the left, Watermelon on the right.

Here's what they look like in indoor light- raspberry on left, watermelon on right:

Here are the swatches on my lips: From top to bottom- Bare Lips, Watermelon, Raspberry.

I'm liking these a lot- they're an absolute steal at $1.99, and are the perfect mix of subtle color, lip balm and gloss.  
Have you tried Jordana Easyshine yet?

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