Milani Bronzer XL Review

Recenly I spotted Milani's Bronzer XL at CVS, and I just couldn't resist the ginormous packaging (it's bigger than my hand!). I tend to use a giant brush and blend bronzer down my neck and chest, so having a lot of product to work with is a good thing.  This one comes with a matte bronzer on one side, and a lighter shimmer powder on the other.  
You can use each one individually, or swirl them together to get shimmer-bronzer.  

I chose the lighter of the two shades that were at the store- 01A. 

First, I swatched the matte side heavily on my arm so that you could see the color better- it doesn't actually come out this dark with regular use. You can see the bronze section in the middle, and my pale skin on the sides.  
Below is the shimmer swatched over the matte bronzer.  When I swatched the shimmer alone, it didn't show up on camera.  But you can see how it gives the bronzer a nice sheen- it's not sparkly at all, definitely more of a shimmer.
I really like this bronzer- it gives you 3 different options, and tons of product for $7.  The powder itself is soft and pigmented- a kabuki brush really picks it up nicely.  
Have you tried this bronzer?  What did you think?


  1. Thanks for the review. I might pick this up. It sort of looks like Too Faced Sun Bunny and that's my favorite powder bronzer. So I might give it a shot.

  2. I really want this! I've never tried Milani products but this looks great. I used to use one by Sugar that was a giant compact like this, but it was more expensive.


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