Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara Review

One of my readers mentioned in our forum that her favorite drugstore mascara was Rimmel Sexy Curves, and I realized I hadn't tried it yet.  So,since I had a $2 off Rimmel coupon at CVS, plus $10 in extra care bucks from the CVS Beauty Club, I got to try it for free! 
The packaging says that it makes lashes 70% curlier, while adding volume.

The brush reminds me of DiorShow's Extase mascara a little bit in the way it curves in and out, but the Rimmel brush is plastic, while Dior's has bristles and is a little more fluffy.  In this case, I actually like the plastic bristles because they separate the lashes a bit more.  I'm a huge regular Diorshow fan, but I remember not really liking the Extase, because it glopped up my lashes a bit.  

For this review, I decided not to curl my lashes so I could see exactly what the mascara would do.  I found the formula to be very wet, and it actually made my lashes a bit sticky and gloppy the first time I used it... 

So this morning I decided to wipe off the brush a little before I applied, and it made a world of difference! 



The second time around, I was much happier with the results! This definitely did curl my lashes up, and flared them out a little.  It didn't make my lashes huge by any means, but it did give them a cute flirty look, and I really like it for everyday use. It also hasn't smudged yet, even at 10:00 at night, and I applied it early this morning. The downside for me is the wetter formula, and having to make sure it doesn't get on my eyelids during application, but wiping the brush off helps. My lashes are also a bit crunchy feeling, and the curl has drooped a little since this morning. 

What do you think of Sexy Curves?  Have you tried it?

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