Spotted in Store- Giovanni 2 Chic Hair Line

Today at Harmon's I spotted a new hair care line by Giovanni called 2 Chic.  It's got a dual smoothing complex of plant based Brazilian Keratin and Moroccan Argan Oil- sounds like it really packs a punch!  Usually you find products that have either Keratin or Argan Oil, but not both!  Here are the products I found today (there's also a body wash & body lotion but Harmon's didn't carry that).  I love that all of these products are sulfate and paraben free and use natural ingredients!
First up, a shampoo and conditioner: 
A leave-in conditioner/styling elixir that smooths frizz:
A blow out styling mist that protects against high heat and creates bounce while lightly conditioning:
A flat-iron defense spray- I apologize for the fuzzy photo quality: 
And an ultra sleek hair and body super potion.  

I'm really excited to try these products!  My dry, parched hair will love the cocktail of Argan Oil and Keratin! Have you tried any of these products yet? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 


  1. This looks interesting...sounds very moisturizing and great for color treated/dry hair. You're right, you don't normally see argan oil and keratin in one product. I usually have a hard time choosing between them, now I don't have to! ;)

  2. i tried the shampoo/conditioner in march and have already purchased new bottles...i really like this stuff. it has made my hair noticeably smoother and shinier. the conditioner detangles well and is thick and substantial enough that a relatively small amount is required for my thick, below-the-shoulder hair. Bought the leave-in when i restocked and like it so far, defines my waves and decreases frizz when i dont want to blow dry, and so far no problems with it looking greasy or heavy.


I love getting comments from you and hearing about your experiences with the products, whether you agree with me or not. It's the best way other readers can get the best information before they buy, so keep the comments coming! :)

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