Clear Hair and Scalp Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner Review and Giveaway

I've been lightening my hair like I do every summer, adding highlights and brightening overall, but it's murder on my hair, especially since it's fine and a bit fragile to begin with.  I'm always trying the latest new shampoos and conditioners that promise to mend my broken ends and add shine, but recently, I spotted something new on the shelves that promised to nourish my roots and scalp, called Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy.

The idea is that if you nourish the scalp and roots, your hair will grow in stronger and healthier, and in turn, will be better equipped to handle all the stress you throw at it. This makes total sense to me, as it's more of a solution to the problem, rather than a quick fix.  But I'm also an impatient girl, and don't want to wait for my roots to grow out to the ends, so I was hoping that Clear made the rest of my hair look healthy and shiny in the process (hint- it does!).

The secret behind Clear is Nutrium 10, which is a blend of 10 vitamins and nutrients that feed your scalp and give you stronger, more beautiful hair in 7 days.

The line consists of shampoos and conditioners for different hair types, including Damage and Color Repair, Volumizing Root Boost, Strong Lengths, Total Care (for all hair types), Moisturizing Dry Scalp, and Complete Care (for dandruff prone hair/scalp). There is also a men's line that focuses on anti-dandruff.  The retail price ranges between $4.99-$5.99, and the bottles are 12.9 fl. oz. (shampoo) and 12.7 fl. oz. (conditioner), available at drugstores.  

Heidi Klum is the spokesmodel for Clear and was recently at a launch at Rite Aid in L.A.  
 “I love the way Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy makes my hair look and feel,” Heidi said. “It’s a revolutionary new approach in caring for your hair – feed the scalp – it makes sense to me.”

The people at Clear were nice enough to send me samples of the Total Care shampoo and conditioner, which is a formula for all hair types.  

Here are some bottle shots: 

I started using Clear about 2 weeks ago, and so far I love it!  The shampoo is very thick, which I was worried would weigh down my fine hair, but it didn't at all.  In fact, it lathers without much effort at all and you only need a little bit.  It feels very moisturizing and doesn't strip the hair.  The conditioner is creamy but not heavy and also doesn't weigh the hair down. After the first day, my hair was silky and easy to manage with less frizz, but nothing too extraordinary.  But after using it for two weeks, I've noticed that my hair continues to improve and look better.  I did notice that the conditioner contains Lactic Acid, which can create bonds between the keratin in your hair and basically fill the holes, so to speak.  So while Clear is nourishing my scalp, it's also helping to repair some of the damage.  

Overall, I think that Clear is something I will continue to use for the long term to get my hair back into good condition, and at $6, it's way cheaper than salon brands.  

Want to try Clear?  Two lucky readers (U.S. residents only, please) will win a full sized Total Care Shampoo and Conditioner!  To enter, all you have to do is post a comment below, stating that you'd like to enter (be sure to leave an email so I can contact you if you're the winner!).  I'll choose two people at random one week from today, on May 27th at 11:59pm Eastern Time.  Good Luck to All!
***This contest is now over.  Winners were sent an email- congrats to Hannah and Vickie!***

Disclaimer: The products featured in this review included products sent for consideration by a company or PR agency. This in no way influenced my experience with the product- all opinions are my own, and I was not paid to write this review.


  1. Thanks for the hair reviews maybe I'll try the clear shampoo and conditioner and the amplifying lotion from your last post.. ;)

    Please enter me in the giveaway my email address is

  2. I saw this the other day and I am DYING to try it! Count me in!



  3. I'd like to enter the giveaway and try these hair products. My e-mail is nmbusser (at) aol (dot0 com.

  4. I want to enter! Sign me up! Emily @

  5. As a hairstylist and a platinum blonde bleach out, I am always looking for new products to restore hair to a healthier state. Please enter me in the giveaway!!! Hannah @

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  7. Love to enter; funny that I saw this the other day and it piqued my interest! Linda @ thanks!

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  11. I am in my 50's and I have my roots darkened (hides the grey) and then I have highlights. I saw this product advertised a few days ago and I am curious if it will keep my hair healthy with all the processing I have done. Please enter me for a freebie!

  12. I have tried too many hair masks and sprays to rescue my permed and dyed hair. Really hope that this new product could be the solution. Would love to try. Pls enter me to the draw:

  13. I'd like to be entered!

  14. Well I was quite enthusiastic to hear about this product also have tried and recommended it to a few of my clients, you attain positive results, great one.

  15. I tried the moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for dry scalp for two days and it was awful. I will never recommend this product to anyone I know. The shampoo and conditioner were both very thick and creamy and weighed my hair down. My hair was still dry and my scalp had so much build-up that I thought I had dandruff. If you have oily hair but a dry scalp and fine hair, do not buy this. It's one of the worst shampoos and conditioners I've ever tried. Even my hair stylist said there was a huge difference in my hair when that awful stuff was washed out of it.

  16. Hope this product turns out be a very good one..I'll surely recommend it to others..Thanks for this post.

  17. I have tried a scalp scrub before but it was really expensive, I'll try this one! shampoo ohne silikone


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