Pantene Ultimate 10 BB Cream for Hair Review

I'll admit, when I first spotted Pantene's Ultimate 10 "BB Cream" for hair, I think the first words out of my mouth were, "Come on, really?" followed by a snicker and an eye roll.  The whole BB Craze is starting to seem a bit ridiculous and over-the-top to me, and now there's a hair product calling itself BB- why not just leave the name as "Ultimate 10?"  Needless to say, I almost didn't buy it because of the whole BB thing, but I ended up doing so out of sheer curiosity.  OMG, I am so glad I did.
This all-in-one, multitasking balm has 10 benefits for the hair: 
1. Repair for rough hair
2. Strength against damage
3. Silky Softness
4. Brilliant Shine
5. Smoothing
6. Moisture
7. Frizz Control
8. Heat Protection
9. Manageability
10. Tamed Fly-Aways

Zooey Deschanel, Pantene's spokesperson, (and whose hair is gorgeous by the way) recently said about the Ultimate 10 BB Cream, "This [product] is great because I'm lazy when I get home. I don't want to do anything special to my hair, so I can put this on and sleep on it, but it doesn't get anything on my pillow, and when I wake up my hair is nicer."  

Pantene Ultimate 10 BB Cream is a lightweight balm/cream that isn't heavy, like I thought it would be.  The consistency is lightweight and almost like a gel-serum.  The bottle says to use 1-2 pumps (1 was enough for my shoulder length hair).  

I applied it to damp hair and then got to blowdrying.  For real, my hair has never looked better in my life.  It had body (even my fine hair wasn't weighed down by this), tons and tons of shine, and my split ends were pretty much non-existent. I've been growing out a chin-length bob since the fall, and have been avoiding haircuts so that it'll grow out faster, so my ends were not in the greatest of shape to begin with. By the time I was done drying my hair, I was like, "what split ends?"  Seriously.  My hair looked freshly cut, swingy and shiny- and AMAZING. 
So I take back all my skepticism, and I no longer care what this product is called...I'm calling it my "miracle cream".   See how it works for you- I think you're going to love it- really. 


  1. I saw this in the store today and thought it looked stupid, but now I might have to go back and get it. As you can see I was somewhat interested in it, since I looked to see if any reviews were out. Yours is the only one I've found so far.

  2. Bought this after reading about it in Self and I have had wonderful results with it so far. It really makes the hair very shiny and "freshly cut" looking as you said. I will probably look to buy the shampoo and conditioner as well.

  3. Great post. I just located your blog and wished to let you know that I have certainly loved reading your blogs. At any rate I’m going to be subscribing to your feed and I really hope you are writing again soon.

  4. Bought it a week ago ,before I came across this blog, and I loved that stuff so much I decided to do some research and found this page. My hair feels so much healthier and love this shine!!! I had no idea i found a gem.

  5. I wouldn't say I have ethnic hair, but not medium/thick either. Its super curly and prone to split ends and dryness. I am dark skinned, my parents are African-American and Spanish.

    I've recently dried out my hair and burnt it all off with excessive heating, spending the whole night (literally) straightening my shoulder-length hair. I cut the ends thinking this would help and it's worse. It's super dry/brittle and just past the male of my neck. It's terrible; my hair has never been this damaged. What should I do? How would this work in my hair?

  6. I bought this on sale at Walgreens, but wasn't sure about it. I found your post while I was second-guessing myself.

    You're right - this is great! I've got permed hair, and some heat damage at the ends (fresh perm + 100 deg heat + no heat protector = fried hair). One pump took the place of oily shine serum and mousse I use and my hair feels clean.

    Thanks for giving me the last nudge I needed.

  7. Hi Brie, I'm glad you like it! I do the same thing before I buy anything...I read lots of reviews and usually they help me make up my mind!

  8. Love this. It's great on course, thick type 4 African American hair. It elonge and pronounce the coils.

  9. This is the best product ever. I am now reviewing other Pantene products. Any suggestion on conditioner that grows hair. I am moving to other Pantene products such as skin care any suggestions.


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