Physicians Formula Nude Wear Touch of Glow Highlighter Concealer Review

Sometimes, a product's packaging is so darn adorable, that I just have to have it. The new Physicians Formula Nude Wear line is so pretty, I had to practice major restraint to only buy one product (I am on a budget after all!).
So I settled on the Touch of Glow Highlighter and Concealer, which I thought could be a drugstore dupe for YSL's Touche Eclat (more on that in a little bit!). But first, the packaging, OMG!!!

Rose gold, a faux pink pebbled leather grip, a pretty bow...what's not to love about this? It looks so luxe and would look great in your purse.

Ok, ok, I'll shut up about the packaging now. On to the stuff inside! Physicians Formula says this is a concealer, highlighter and touch up tool, with perfecting nude pigments, beautiful bare skin effect, and skin glowing finish. Hmm...sounds like another product I know and love, Touche Eclat.

Touche Eclat comes in several different shades, and mine is the lightest of them, Radiance 01, which is pinky-beige.  The Nude Touch only comes in one color, and is darker than my Touche Eclat shade, but would probably come close to or match one of the darker Touche shades.  Both come in pen form with a brush applicator - Touche Eclat has a click button at the bottom to dispense the product, while the Nude Touch is a twist up.

Here they are swatched side by side- Physicians Formula Nude Touch on the left and Touche Eclat on the right.  The Nude Touch is just a tad thicker, and would provide a little bit more coverage than Touche Eclat.  But, being thicker means it may accentuate fine lines a bit more. That's one of the reasons I love Touche Eclat- it's very thin and doesn't settle into my lines at all. 

Here they are blended out a bit more.  You can see that both give the skin luminosity with a hint of coverage.  

So if lines aren't a major concern for you, or if you'd like a little more coverage out of your highlighter, Nude Touch may be your perfect Touche Eclat dupe (in prettier packaging)!  I hope Physicians Formula releases some more shades, since I have fair skin and I like my highlighters to be on the lighter side.  For now, Nude Touch should accommodate a large number of skintones from light/medium to dark since it is very sheer and is used to highlight.  Only the fairest of complexions may find it too dark/yellow for them.

I'll add this to my Dupes Board on Pinterest as a legit YSL Touche Eclat dupe!


  1. looks good, how is the color selection?


  2. There's only one color, unfortunately. :(

  3. This looks soooo cute! I saw the photo of this whole collection on your Facebook page, and it looked like there was blushes and bronzers too? I kinda want them all.


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