Olay Regenerist Night Resurfacing Elixir Review

In the February 2014 issue of Allure magazine, Olay's Night Resurfacing Elixir made the editor's list of products to buy, plus it was featured in a story about alpha and beta hydroxy acid skin treatments.  I had seen this product many times at the drugstore, but always found the price tag to be a bit steep at close to $30.  At that price, I felt like I might as well just throw in a few more bucks and get a luxury product.

But the other day I was at CVS, $5 Extra Bucks burning a hole in my pocket, and I noticed that Olay now has trial sizes of their popular Regenerist line for right around $11.  When I added in my Extra Bucks, I got to take home the Night Resurfacing Elixir (.5 oz) for $6 and change!

For those of you who didn't read the Allure article, or are unfamiliar with glycolic acid, here's a quick rundown...

Of all the alpha hydroxy acids, Glycolic Acid, which is derived from sugar has the smallest molecule size so it penetrates the skin the deepest. It's also the most effective.  The next smallest molecule is lactic acid (from milk), and then fruit acids (from citrus).

This treatment contains between 8-10% Glycolic Acid.  It regenerates the skin and makes cells turn over faster.  Your skin is forever creating new cells, and they travel from the deepest layers up to the top where they shed off.  As we age the dead skin cells don't shed as quickly, and instead sit on top, causing your skin to look dull and have a rougher texture.  This layer also prevents your skincare products from penetrating very far.  So how long does it take your skin to shed it's dead cells?

Rate of cell turnover by age:

Babies- 14 Days
Teenagers- 21-28 Days
By 30's and 40's - 28-42 Days
50 and up- 42-84 Days

Olay's Night Resurfacing Elixir speeds up this process so your skin acts younger again.  One thing it won't do, however, is get rid of deep wrinkles- you still need an anti aging cream for that.  But this will help your anti-aging products work better by getting that barrier of dead skin out of the way and letting them penetrate further.

This comes in a pump bottle and the serum is thin, almost like water.  I didn't find it to be sticky and it absorbed quickly.

This is supposed to take the place of your night moisturizer, but I didn't find it particularly hydrating, so I use a night cream over it. 
I do recommend using this at night, since glycolic acid can make your skin sun-sensitive. It didn't irritate my skin at all, but I don't have sensitive skin.  This is supposed to be pretty gentle, but if you're sensitive, save your receipt in case you need to bring it back.  Also, don't use it every night at first, work up slowly.

After the first night, I woke up and when I looked in the mirror, I had forgotten that I used it the night before for a second and thought, "wow, my skin looks good today!"  Then I remembered.
I've been using it every night for a week and I have to say my skin is smoother, brighter and has that "glow" back that I had in my 20's.  I no longer think that $30 is too much to spend on this product.  I'll be purchasing the full size as soon as this one runs out!

Have you tried this yet?


  1. I had no idea what glycolic acid did, thank you! I just turned 30, so its time I get rid of those nasty dead skin cells that have been sitting there for more than a month, yeesh! I have noticed my skin looking dull the last few years. I'm going to pick up the trial size of this and see how I like it.

  2. Well I like Olay as a brand so when I finish up some products I may give this a try.


  3. Glycolic acid is beneficial for facial acne in people of all ages


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