Makeup Revolution I Heart Chocolate Vs. Too Faced Chocolate Bar- Review and Swatches

As soon as I heard that Makeup Revolution's I Heart Makeup palette ($13.17) was a dupe for Too Faced's insanely popular Chocolate Bar palette ($49), I had to see for myself.  I ended up ordering the Death by Chocolate palette by mistake (see my review here) which is similar but not an exact dupe. Then I went back and ordered I Heart Chocolate and it finally came in this week. So here, I'm going to compare it to the Chocolate Bar and see how it stacks up!

Outer Packaging:
I think Too Faced's box is nicer...its really pretty and looks like a gourmet chocolate bar wrapper. 
Both companies have the shades displayed on the back, but again, I like Too Faced's version that actually says the names, plus it's just visually more appealing.
Both compacts are designed to look like a bar of chocolate, but I actually like the half-melted look of Makeup Revolution's version a little more. They both feel very weighty and sturdy so neither one of them feels cheap.

Too Faced's Chocolate Bar has a clear film over the shades displaying their names and a decent-sized mirror.
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Makeup Revolution's I Heart Chocolate also has a clear plastic film with the shade names, but the difference here is the large mirror that takes up the entire lid of the palette. I like this a lot better!

Both contain 16 shades and they're pretty much in the exact same order with the exception of the first two. The Too Faced palette starts out with the dark green shimmer shade with the long beige highlight shade next. In the Makeup Revolution palette, these shades are reversed. Other than that, you can see by looking at the two together just how similar the shades are!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar

Makeup Revolution I Heart Chocolate
Now for the fun part! We get to see how similar these shades really are!
Left: TF Gilded Ganache|Right: MR Piece Me Together

TF White Chocolate|MR You Need Love

TF Milk Chocolate|MR One More Piece

TF Black Forest Truffle|MR Love Torn

TF Triple Fudge|MR Stolen Chocolate

TF Salted Caramel/MR Thank Friday

TF Marzipan/MR More!

TF Semi-Sweet/ MR Pleasure Girl

TF Strawberry Bon Bon/ MR Meet Chocolate

TF Candied Violet/MR Unforgiveable

TF Amaretto/MR Love Devine

TF Hazelnut/MR Smooth Criminal

TF Creme Brulee/MR Chocolate Love

TF Haute Chocolate/MR You Need More

TF Cherry Cordial/MR What a Way to Go

TF Champagne Truffle/ MR Endorphins Ready!
I was surprised at how close most of the swatches were!  Most of them were definitely close enough to call dupes!  There were a couple that were slightly off but still close! Both palettes had excellent pigmentation.  The Too Faced Chocolate Bar shadows were mixed in terms of feel- some were super soft and buttery while others were dry and powdery feeling.  The Makeup Revolution shadows all had the same feel, which was soft and buttery (although slightly less buttery than some of the Too Faced ones).

Overall, if you're looking for a Too Faced Chocolate Bar dupe, look no further than the Makeup Revolution I Heart Chocolate palette. At only $13.17 compared to $49, it's a total steal and you're not giving up quality.  Plus the shades are almost identical! I'm in love with Makeup Revolution and can't wait to try more from them!
(Please note, they ship from the UK, so please allow about 7-10 days for delivery to the US.)

Have you tried anything from Makeup Revolution yet, or are you planning to? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below!


  1. I always find this amusing with make-up revolution, they have so many dupes of products and to me there is absolutely no difference in the quality! I always find myself purchasing them, the iconic palettes are complete dupes of the naked palettes too which I haven't bought again!

    Thanks for the review, I'll definitely be popping out and buying all 3 of the chocolate pallets for £7.99 you can't go wrong!

  2. Sure I feel the good difference between the colour shades on the skin. Whether it is possible for instant makeup?

  3. Do the MR shades smell of chocolate like the TF pallete?

  4. Which do you prefer between the Death by Chocolate and I Heart Chocolate? They are just a bit different and and I'm quite confused of choosing which to buy. Which one has more matte colors?

  5. Is the i Heart chocolate Palette vegan?

  6. I have this palette and its beautiful!!

  7. think i'm gonna buy this palette! How many of the colours are matte?

  8. Do they smell like chocolate?


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