Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 2 Review and Swatches

I couldn't wait to post a review and swatches of the new Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 2 ($10.47) because it's a dupe for the Lorac Pro 2 palette ($42)! This is one of many Makeup Revolution dupes that I've tested and I would say that this one is the closest dupe by's pretty much exact! Let's take a look...

The Iconic Pro 2 is the second Iconic Pro palette from Makeup Revolution...their Iconic Pro 1 is a dupe for Lorac's Pro 1 palette.  This palette comes in a rose gold box and the palette itself is matte black with rose gold lettering.  Inside, there's a full mirror and a plastic overlay with the shade names on it.  It also comes with a double sided brush...crease on one end and flat eyeshadow brush on the other.

These shades are so beautiful...the top row is all mattes while the bottom row is shimmers.

There are 16 shades in all, and there's such a great variety...lots of neutrals and smoky shades to play with.

The top row of matte shades was very pigmented with hardly any fallout.  I've come to expect that with Makeup Revolution's matte shades, they're really good!

The bottom row of shimmery shades had more fallout than the mattes and these didn't feel quite as soft.  Usually, shimmers are more buttery but these had a grittier feeling top layer, probably due to tiny glitter particles rising to the top.  But once you get past the top layer, they become much more buttery and easy to work with. Even the lightest shades showed up on my arm, and that almost never happens!

Now, on to the comparison with the Lorac Pro 2! The Lorac palette is slightly longer, but not as wide. It's a little slimmer and made of cardboard while the Makeup Revolution is hard plastic.  I like the larger mirror in the Makeup Revolution version, plus it comes with a brush, which Lorac doesn't have.

In terms of the shadows, well I mean, look at them...they look identical.  I wonder sometimes how Makeup Revolution gets away with it, haha! But anyway, I actually like the larger pans in the Makeup Revolution palette...I'm not a fan of small eyeshadows really- the bigger the better! Although I have to say, formula-wise, Lorac definitely wins.  The Lorac Pro 2 shades are some of the most buttery, velvety, pigmented shades I've ever used. That said, the Makeup Revolution ones aren't fact, they're great! Just not as good as the Lorac ones.

You can see in the comparison swatches below that some of the Lorac shadows are a little more can really tell when you compare the blue one in the top row, or the dark green in the bottom row.  But overall, the Makeup Revolution palette holds it's own in terms of pigmentation.
Lorac Pro 2 swatches
Top Row
lorac pro 2 swatches
Bottom Row
Overall, I'm so happy to have found a true dupe for the Lorac Pro 2 Palette. The Iconic Pro 2 is definitely a must-own, especially at $10.79!
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To purchase the Makeup Revolution Pro 2 palette, please visit Makeup Revolution.
To purchase the Lorac Pro 2 palette, please visit Ulta.


  1. OMG, those are exact!!! I've been holding off on making my first Makeup Revolution purchase, but now I have to because I want this!

  2. Oooh, great comparison swatches :) I picked up the Iconic 2 and was surprised how much I love the shades! xx

    Magpie Jasmine

  3. I have the Lorac Pro 2 palette, and while I like most of the shades, some of the darker ones have fallout. Like that beautiful navy --it is super pigmented, but everytime I apply it, even with primer and after tapping my brush, I get dark blue shadow on my under eye and cheeks. So if the Makeup Revolution palette has hardly any fallout and it's cheaper, it's worth checking out. (Katherine T.)

  4. These shadows look amazing! I have the pro 2 and I rarely use it..

    Annie |

  5. Could you list the ingredients of the Iconic Pro 2 palette or take a picture of the ingredients? I can't find them listed anywhere and I would like to know before I purchase this palette. Thanks!!


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