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The Foreo Luna ($199) is a silicone facial cleansing brush that deep cleans your skin effectively yet gently, and even claims to have some anti-aging benefits. I was recently given the opportunity to try one and I'm happy to say it's become a huge part of my skincare routine. Let's take a look!
foreo luna review

The Foreo Luna comes in a few different versions based on your skin type. I selected the one for Sensitive/Normal skin which is pink, but there's also one for combination skin (blue), one for ultra-sensitive skin (white) and even one for men (black). Each version features a different combination of silicone touch-points to clean your face in the most effective way possible without irritation.
foreo luna

I should start by saying that I was a regular Clarisonic user...I have the Clarisonic Smart Profile which has three different brush heads for cleansing your face, body, and exfoliating your feet. Since I got the Foreo Luna about three weeks ago, I haven't used the Clarisonic on my face, so I have a good idea of how this cleanses vs. the Clarisonic.
The Luna comes with a soft little drawstring pouch to store it in.  I don't really use it on an everyday basis because I normally just stand my Luna on a shelf in the shower. But since I received the Luna a few days before I went on vacation, and I was really happy to have the pouch to store it in inside my suitcase.
foreo luna review

There are a few major points of difference between the Luna and other facial cleansing brushes. First, there are no brush heads to replace which saves a lot of money over time. I was replacing my Clarisonic brush heads every few months at $32 a pop. Also, the Luna doesn't have nylon bristles that can harbor bacteria that can cause breakouts, so it's a much more sanitary option...the silicone rinses clean after each use.
Another difference is that rather than scrubbing in a circular motion like cleansing brushes, the Luna vibrates with T-Sonic (transdermal sonic) pulsations that loosen dirt, grime and makeup from your pores without scrubbing or irritating the skin. The first time I used the Luna, I felt like it wasn't really cleaning because I was used to a rotating just felt like it was vibrating but not much else. But after using the Luna, my face felt super clean and looked clear and bright with none of the redness that followed using other cleansing brushes. I couldn't believe how well it worked because it was so gentle.
It's also a lot smaller than a cleansing fits in the palm of my hand which makes it great for travel.
The only downside I found is that it's sometimes a little tricky to get the silicone touch points into certain areas because it doesn't bend like a brush does. I find that I have to keep turning the Luna all different ways to clean the area around my nose, but my Clarisonic brush bends right around the sides of my nose.

foreo luna review

The back of the Luna has ridges that are to be used in anti-aging mode. When you're finished cleansing, you can push the start button again and use this ridged side on your face as it emits lower-frequency pulsations to help your skin rebuild collagen over time and increase firmness. It actually feels nice, like a massage, but it's way too soon for me to tell if this feature actually works.

Overall, I have been using my Luna exclusively since I got it and have only been using my Clarisonic for my body (using the body brush). I find that the Luna does just as good a job at cleansing my skin yet it doesn't leave it looking pink and over-scrubbed afterwards. Plus I love the fact that I'll never need to purchase a brush head for it! 

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Have you tried the Foreo Luna yet? If you have any questions that I didn't answer during this review, please let me know in the comments below! 

**Disclosure- I received the Foreo Luna from iFabbo for review but all opinions are my own. I was not paid to write this review.**

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  1. Thanks for the review! I've been hearing great things about this, will give it a try (Katherine T.)


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