NEW Flower Beauty Arrives at Walmart

Yesterday, my pal Krista on Instagram (@mymonthlyobsessions) spotted a ton of new Flower Beauty products at Walmart so this morning, I went to see if my local store had anything new. Sure enough, there was a lot of new products and some of them seemed to replace older ones. None of the new releases are on the Walmart website yet, but there are quite a few Flower products on Rollback, which likely means they're being discontinued. Just a heads up in case you want to go check and see 
if any of your favorite products are going away. 

OK, so let's get started...there's a lot to cover!

First up is the new Ultimate Eye Color (or Endless Wear Eye Color? It says both on the package). They're $7.98 each and claim to be crease-proof and give 12-hour wear. They come in five shades: Sheer Buff, Sheer Sands, Sheer Cinnamon, Sheer Charcoal, and Sheer Seas. When I got these home, I thought they were going to be like the L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadows because they have a little disc that sits on top when you open the lid. But when I started swatching, I realized that these are a lightweight cream shadow! They feel cushiony and putty-like, similar to Colourpop shadows. Yup! I'll be doing a first impression post on these very soon. 

Next are the Ultimate Lip Butters ($7.98 each). I think these might be replacing the other lip butters from Flower because those are on Rollback and weren't in the Flower display anymore. These come in six shades (sorry that the photo looks washed out...the lighting in there was terrible): Naked Petal, Rose Petal, Peach Petal, Blush Petal, Ruby Petal and Poppy Petal. They claim to give lasting hydration with a glossy finish.

Next are the E.E. Erase Everything Foundations ($12.98 each). Let me just say...OMG these are amazing! Yes, I already tried mine when I got home, haha. First of all, they come in only four shades, plus a clear shade that can be used as a primer, or by itself on one of those no-makeup days when you just want to blur imperfections. The other shades also say that you can use them as either a foundation or a tinted primer, kind of like Tarte's BB Primer (except these are much more hydrating). They feel like no other foundation I've ever tried...they have a super thick, spackle-like consistency that fills in all your lines and pores, but it's not sticky or tacky. It glides on like a balm...yet it's not greasy, it actually gives a soft matte finish. It's not a mousse either, it feels like a very thick moisturizer or night cream (but thicker than any one I've tried). They disappear into your face quickly with no residue. The primer blurred just about every line and pore in my face and then the foundation (which feels exactly the same) evened out my skin. It's probably the most hydrating foundation I've ever used, and the coverage is sheer to medium with one coat. I could easily just wear this most days, but it will also be amazing as a tinted primer!

Next is the Long-Wear Eyeliner, which comes in five shades: Onyx, Amethyst, Brownstone, Emerald, and Sapphire. These are automatic pencils that claim to be creamy, fade-resistant, and long-wearing. 

There are two new brow products...first there's an Eyebrow Pencil which comes in three shades...Blonde, Brunette and Dark Brunette. Next, there's an All-in-One Brow Mascara with a comb/brush combo on top, which comes in two shades: Light and Medium.

Next is the Long-Wear Lip Creme ($7.98 each). These claim to be high-intensity color with an opaque, satin finish that's long-wearing and non-feathering. They come in cute squeeze tubes sort of like Too Faced's Melted Lipsticks!

Finally, it looks like there's a new and improved version of the existing Eyes on the Prize Eyeshadow Chubby, that claims to be crease-proof and provide all-day wear. There were only two shades in this display, Rose Gold Dust and On Taupe of the World, so I'm not sure if the range has been cut down to only these shades or if there are more on the way.

What do you think about all the new Flower Beauty launches? Did anything catch your eye? 


  1. i'm interested in the foundation. seems amazing

  2. That primer sounds great! I haven't seen much flower at the Wal-Mart's around here. I'll be on the lookout and hopefully I can score this primer. Maybe it'll have to be an online purchase....
    thanks for the informative post!

  3. I'm curious to try the Long-Wear Lip Cremes. As you said they resemble the TF Melted lipsticks at my favorite part, a substantial fraction of the price. :-D I cannot justify TF's price and these seem to fit the bill with being a couple dollars more than a standard lipstick, ie. Revlon, L'Oreal etc.. Plus, they seem to be perfect to throw in your purse.

  4. I always think that the prices are too high for Walmart so I haven't purchased this line before but the foundation seems really worth checking into. Also the tubes of liquid lipstick looks really fun, so I may buy one of these. Does Walmart still not accept returns for beauty products?

  5. I have love all of the Flower products I've tried. But all of the local Walmart's in my area have removed the products from their shelves. I'm looking on the Walmart website & it's not looking so stocked up on product either. I really wish I knew what was up.
    Oh, and I've returned foundation to Walmart before. It was Neutrogena and way too orange for my paleness.

  6. I know it's almost been a year but I highly appreciate this post. Your description has definitely encouraged me to try the EE Erase Everything. The way you described it made it sound like the Benefit Porefessional, but at a much more reasonable price!


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