Flower Beauty E.E. Erase Everything Ultimate Foundation Review

In my eyes, Drew Barrymore's Flower Beauty line can seriously do no wrong. Her products are high quality, made in the USA and cruelty free. I love the fact that they spend money on the putting the best ingredients into the products instead of spending it on advertising, and also that Drew herself is so involved in the creation of the products. I've been busy testing a slew of new Flower makeup that just launched for Spring 2016 (see my post here for all of the details) and I'm so excited about this one in particular I just couldn't wait to share it with you! 
It's called E.E. Erase Everything Ultimate Foundation ($12.98 at Walmart stores), but it's not really just a foundation...it's something totally new that I've never seen before. That's another thing I love about Flower Beauty...they have the coolest new formulas that no one else has (remember these powder-to-cream blushes? I'm obsessed!) So keep on reading and I'll explain everything...
Flower Beauty E.E. Erase Everything review

E.E. Erase Everything comes in a tube with a brush attached to it, which is something new to me. The idea is that you squeeze the tube until the product comes up into the bristles, then brush it onto your skin. I like to start out that way, using the brush to apply it all over my face but I end up using my fingers to massage it in because it's much faster and the product absorbs better.
Flower Beauty E.E. Erase Everything review

It comes in five shades: Sheer Tint (clear), Porcelain Tint, Ivory Tint, Buff Tint, and Honey Tint. Honestly, these are so sheer, you don't have to worry to much about an exact color match. I would go so far as to say this is more of a primer/EE Cream rather than a foundation. Unless you have perfect skin, you will probably want more coverage and will apply a foundation on top of this anyway. And if you do have perfect skin, this probably won't appeal to you because it's meant to fill in uneven texture, pores and fine lines while light-diffusing pigments blur imperfections.

You can choose the Sheer Tint, which goes on totally clear if you don't want or need an extra boost of color (if you're wearing a full coverage foundation, for example), but I like the colored ones because they do a good job of evening out my skin tone and hiding a little bit of the redness in my skin. This creates the perfect base so that when I add a medium coverage foundation on top I get a more flawless result, almost as if I were wearing more of a full coverage foundation, without the thick, cakey feeling.
Flower Beauty E.E. Erase Everything packaging

E.E. Erase Everything is super thick and feels like a balm...but it's totally non-greasy and dries to a beautiful soft matte finish. When you're squeezing the product out into the brush, be careful not to release too much...go slow because you only need a little bit.
Flower Beauty E.E. Erase Everything brush
On the skin, it feels so velvety and soft, like you just applied a rich night cream- just without the heavy greasy feeling. It somehow sinks right in and fills in lines and pores leaving your face feeling smooth and even. I hate to even use this analogy, but it works like spackle on a wall (in a good way!).

If I'm having a good skin day, I can get away with using the colored version (I got Ivory Tint) by itself with a little concealer under my eyes and around my nose. It gives my skin a flawless texture so even though it doesn't cover everything (not flawless in that way) it makes my face look so smooth and soft, like it's been airbrushed.

The Ivory Tint shade, which is the second-to-lightest shade is a little too yellow for me and I probably should have gone with the porcelain but it's sheer so it blends in just fine. The Sheer Tint goes on white but turns clear as you blend it into your skin.
Flower Beauty E.E. Erase Everything swatches 
E.E. Erase Everything in Ivory Tint and Sheer Tint
Overall, I'm blown away by the Flower Beauty E.E. cream. It's unlike anything else I own and I love, love, love the way it makes my skin look. For me, it's the perfect base for foundation...even in the winter when my skin is at it's driest, layering this underneath my foundation prevents it from caking, clinging to dry patches and settling into fine lines. I feel like I've been searching for a primer with this super-thick, balm-like texture forever! I'm curious to see how those of you with oily skin get along with this one because it's very thick and feels hydrating...but at the same time, it dries matte so it doesn't feel greasy. If you try it, let me know how you like it!

You can find Flower Beauty E.E. Erase Everything Ultimate Foundation at select Walmart stores (it's not online yet).


  1. I ran right out to Walmart after dinner tonight after reading your post because I HAD to find this. The way you described it was exactly what I was looking for. I have light skin like you but warmer toned so I got the Light and its perfect. As you said its sheer so really it's a hint of tint. This product is everything you said and more. My skin looks so good, it fills in everything and makes it smooth as a baby's butt. This is the first product from Flower I have tried and I'm so impressed. I was looking at the powder to cream blush you raved about but put it back because I wanted to see if I liked this first. Now I'm wishing I had gotten it! I'll definitely go back. Thank you for doing so many reviews. You've become my favorite blogger these days.

  2. I have always wanted to try this line. I went back and read all your reviews. I want to try this,the cream eye shadows you reviewed a few weeks ago and the powder to cream blush. I've got my shopping list,off to Walmart I go this weekend!!!

  3. I found this review after I bought the sheer tint, thinking it would be something I could mix into darker foundations to lighten them up. And it really is so sheer that it doesn't serve that purpose but the texture is amazing. It works really well as a primer and it really does make your skin baby-bottom smooth. Even though I didn't find what I was looking for initially, I'm pleasantly surprised to be able to use this for another purpose.

  4. Thank you for posting this! I know this product just came out, and wanted to read detailed reviews before I run out to the store.

  5. Found your post while at Walmart and wanting to know about this product. Will find out later about the results lol

  6. I found this at Walmart because my already applied makeup started looking very thick and just over applied,and I was on my way to work so I want to take it all off and reapply with something I had to buy and found this and it's everything you say and I didn't really need anything else! I usually we're full coverage matte & top with powders. Your review is right on the money, this stuff is great.

  7. Was browsing make up aisle, aside from just loving Drew Barrymore, I thought I would give Buff tint a try. I am hooked! Covers like primer, yet it blends easily without drying quickly before you have a chance to spread it around, covers everything and finishes beautifully matte. Thanks Drew!!!!!!!!


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