Maybelline Baby Lips Color Balm Crayon Review

I recently spotted the new Maybelline Baby Lips Color Balm Crayon ($5.49 each) at Bed, Bath, & Beyond and I was so excited to try them and then review them for you guys! I'm definitely a fan of the original Baby Lips balms but I don't wear them that much because they're so sheer and I'm often craving a little more color . The idea of a lip balm with the pigmentation of a lipstick sounds amazing but now that I've tried these out I've realized that there are definitely pros and cons.

Let's take a look!

The Color Balm Crayons have gotten a bit of an upgrade from the regular Baby Lips tubes. They're a little bit slimmer and housed in pretty silver twist-up sticks with a colored cap that lets you know at a glance what color is inside.

The balms have a domed shape and are the perfect size for applying to your lips...not too wide but not slim either.
These feel slightly thicker than the regular Baby Lips balms with an almost gel-like formula. They're very creamy and much more hydrating than the originals. They're also very highly pigmented, saturating your lips with color in one swipe.

On me, I noticed that the lighter shades I tried, Toasted Taupe and Blush Burst, seemed to cling to and accentuate dry flakes on my lips at first but as I wore them for a few minutes, the extra hydration kicked in and I didn't see them anymore.

With the darker shades Creamy Coral and Sassy Scarlet, I found it difficult to keep them inside my lip line after application. These are so emollient they migrated above and below my lips every time I rubbed my lips together (which I tend to do quite a bit when I'm wearing lip products). They also transfer very easily, which isn't a surprise. I got a couple of hours wear out of the deeper shades, but the lighter two were gone within an hour (especially after eating or drinking).

They seem to have a slightly different flavor depending on the color...the lighter shades have a vanilla scent and the deeper shades smell like berry (or maybe cherry?). Either way, they aren't very strong and I don't notice them once they're on my lips.

Lip Swatches: 
Toasted Taupe

Blush Burst

Creamy Coral

Sassy Scarlet
Final Thoughts: 
I'm really enjoying the hydrating formula of the new Maybelline Baby Lips Color Balm Crayons but I think I'll probably limit myself to the lighter shades. I would be too afraid to wear the darker shades out of the house for fear that I would end up with lipstick migrating outside my lip line. Even the lighter shades will need constant reapplication due to the short wear time so I don't know how often I'll reach for them. Overall, they're a great idea in theory...the problem is that anything this moisturizing isn't going to stick well to your lips, which results in the product moving around and a short wear time.

What about you? Have you tried the new Baby Lips Color Balm Crayons? What do you think of them?

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  1. got the toasted taupe, much lighter on than I expected,
    didn't care for the taste
    probably should have left this at the store, but only $5

    1. I is very light and I feel like it washed me out a little bit.

  2. As I suspected, the wear time on these doesn't sound great. I will stick with my liquid lipsticks I guess.

  3. These are so beautiful, I love Blush Burst and Sassy Scarlet

  4. I will probably pass on these because I prefer long-wearing lipstick and only wear clear balms at night but I just have to tell you that every color looks gorgeous on you and you are stunning!

  5. Hmm, they're beautiful colors! But I think you're right, probably better to use a lipstick for darker colors. Just looking at the photos it doesn't look like that red is going to stay put! It certainly is pretty though! Haha how do you manage to take the same pose for each photo, that's talent :D


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