Algenist Genius Serum & Eye Cream 50% Off Today Only!

The Ulta Beauty Love Your Skin Event kicks off today and features Algenist GENIUS Ultimate Anti-Aging Vitamin C Serum and Eye Cream at 50% off!

I haven't tried the eye cream, but I've been using the Genius Serum (reg. $118, now $59) since October and I love it. I have a lot of sun damage under my eyes and on my cheeks from my teenage years sitting out in the sun. I have always needed more coverage in that area when applying foundation and concealer but since using this serum I noticed that I don't need as much...I can get away with much lighter coverage because my skin looks lighter and brighter and the dark spots are much less noticeable.

This serum is also supposed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and I have noticed that my skin has
been looking younger lately. But to be totally honest with you, I can't say whether or not that change is attributed to this product because I'm using several different anti-aging serums right now. However...I do know that this product alone has lightened my dark spots because I stopped using the one I was previously using and have only been using this for that purpose.

Also, I want to add that there are some reviews on claiming that this product has a bad scent...I have no idea what they're talking about because it smells like chocolate to me! :) It also fades within a few seconds of application so if you're wanting to try this product, don't let those reviews scare you (especially if you like sweet, chocolatey scents).

Have you tried any of the Algenist Genius products yet? Will you be picking either of these up today?

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  1. Hi Jen!! I picked this up today and am so excited to try it- so happy you shared your experience wth this product. I am in my mid-20s but have some mild sun spots and the reviews on this looked good. Do you apply in the morning and follow-up with a moisturizer? Also do you wear sunscreen on top of this? It doesnt say if we should apply am or pm or both?

  2. Hi Gabriela! Yes, I apply it in the morning and follow up with moisturizer. I don't use it at night because I'm using a few other serums (like retinol) and don't want to pile on too much. But you can absolutely use it both night and will probably help it to work even faster. :)


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