City Color Hypnotic Palette Review & Swatches

city color hypnotic eyeshadow palette review
Spring is around the corner and we're starting to see lots of colorful palettes showing up in stores and online like the Urban Decay Full Spectrum, Kat Von D Pastel Goth, and the City Color Hypnotic Palette ($15.99 at
While I'm not a fan of creating bright, bold eye looks on myself per se, I've seen lots of gals I follow on Instagram rocking absolutely stunning colorful looks. So I wanted to grab this palette and swatch it for you guys, as it could be an affordable alternative to some of the palettes I mentioned earlier.

Let's take a look!

The Hypnotic Palette comes in a cardboard palette that's very slim and travel-friendly. It doesn't include a brush or a mirror but I don't really mind since I rarely use either one in my palettes anyway.

Inside, there are ten colorful shimmer shades, one satin taupe, and one matte black. Overall, I would have preferred a few more matte shades in the palette since creating an all-shimmer look can be tricky...but that's not to say that you can't dip into another palette if you need to.

city color hypnotic palette review

In the past, I've noticed City Color's formula to be hit or miss, especially with their matte shades...some can be creamy and pigmented while others are dry and dusty. But one thing's for sure, they usually do shimmer shades really well, which is a good thing for this palette since almost every shade has a shimmer finish.

If you're familiar with the individual Shimmer Shadows from City Color, you'll recognize that the formula of the shadows in this palette is the same. Each one is really soft and buttery, with a creamy feel. They go on intensely pigmented in one swipe as you'll see in the swatches below. Even the black shade, which is matte, has a soft and creamy feel. Also, they do produce a little bit of fallout but it doesn't bother me at all.
city color hypnotic palette swatches
Overall, if you like colorful eyeshadows you'll likely love the City Color Hypnotic Palette. The formula is fantastic, especially at this price point!

You can find it at for $15.99...and use code BudgetBeautyBlog to save 10% off your entire order.

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  1. The shades in this palette are so bold!! Don't think I would be reaching for it cause I am a neutrals kind of gal

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Oh yes, this is definitely one for the color lovers :-)

  3. oh wow that is amazing! But I got the urban decay vice 2 and moondust palettes for christmas, so I think i'm set for sparkly bolds. Now a reasonably priced and decent quality matte brights....

    1. That's a great idea...I can't think of one that's out there. Someone should create that! :)

    2. I know I'm a little late to the post, but I think the Poster Child palette by Wet 'n Wild would work well with this palette. Its all matte bright colors, and since its Wet 'n Wild its very affordable. :)

  4. Wow such a awesome post love it, would love to buy it.

  5. Such a good blog OMG😍😍 so inspired♥️😍

  6. Sleek has a bright matte palette that is very reasonable. I just bought it this past month! Very pigmented!

  7. Wow.. amazing post n a lot of bold n popping colors. I would love to buy it. Loved reading your blog. I started blogging this month and I am loving it.


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