It Cosmetics Confidence in a Compact Solid Serum Foundation Review

IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Compact is a "brand new skin-transforming, full-coverage solid super serum" that's launching this weekend on QVC as part of a set (presale is live now on the QVC website here). If you love IT Cosmetics' CC+ Cream then read on, because chances are, you'll love this too! 

Let's take a look...
Brand-new Confidence in a Compact is an anti-aging serum, full-coverage foundation, and SPF 50, UVA/UVB sun protection all in one easy step. When you use Confidence in a Compact for your full coverage, you will see beautiful skin instantly, while getting the benefits of hydrolyzed collagen, squalene, and hyaluronic acid.

Where to Buy: Exclusively on (as part of a kit...not yet sold individually). 
Confidence in a Compact comes in round packaging with a silver lid. It reminds me a lot of a cushion foundation in that it has a cover inside that seals the product in and prevents it from drying out. A sponge applicator sits between the lid and the cover, which is really convenient for travel, but there is also a brush included with this kit that was designed to be used with this foundation. The Heavenly Skin Skin-Smoothing Complexion Brush is super soft and high-quality just like all of the IT brushes I've tried. It has fairly short, dense bristles and an angled shape, perfect for buffing foundation into the skin. 

Shade Selection: 
This foundation comes in seven shades-

  • Fair: porcelain skin; fairest of the fair
  • Light: if you have a bit more warmth to your skin
  • Medium: light to medium skintones
  • Medium Tan: if you have a warm or golden-medium skintone
  • Tan: tan skintones
  • Rich: tan to rich skin with golden tones
  • Deep: rich to deep skin with a warmer tones
I have it in the shade Light, which is a little bit deeper than my skintone but it still works (I think Fair would have been too light). It's actually closer to the color of my face than it appears to be in the swatch below because the underside of my arm is paler than my face and neck. 
Confidence in a compact looks like a cream foundation but "solid serum" is a more accurate description because it's lighter than your typical cream foundation. I usually don't like creams because they tend to be heavy and cakey and they usually cling to every dry patch on my face. This doesn't do that at all, even after adding two (even three) layers. I kept building it up to see if I could increase the coverage and expected it to get really cakey but somehow it didn't!

Speaking of the coverage...the first time I used this I was disappointed that it was so sheer, especially when using the brush (I got a little more coverage using the included sponge). I found that I had to build it up a bit to get the same coverage that I usually get with the IT CC+ Cream.

After playing with it a little bit more though, I realized that you really have to press down more with the brush and swirl it around to pick up the product in the compact. I think the first time I was just dipping it in lightly and carefully because I was expecting it to be heavy like a cream. But you don't have to worry about that at all! Once I got a bit more on the brush and applied it to my skin again, the coverage and finish did remind me a lot of the CC+ Cream. It also contains SPF 50+, hydrolyzed collagen, squalane, hyaluronic acid, and ceramide complex, so it has anti-aging benefits as well.

It gives your skin a somewhat dewy appearance (there's no shimmer or glitter at all) where light seems to reflect off of your face and makes you look luminous rather than flat. Like the CC+ cream, it does take some time to dry down and for the next several minutes, I could feel the product on my face. It did sink in after 10 minutes or so, but if you're in a hurry, a quick dusting of powder will make it set right away.

Here, I'm wearing the Confidence in a Compact and I really love how flawless it made my skin look! My only complaint is that it struggled to completely cover the redness around my nose and it wore off quickly in that area (within about 4 hours or so) and I needed to touch up.

Final Thoughts: 
Overall, if you're a fan of the IT CC+ Cream, or are looking for a foundation that doesn't cake up or settle into fine lines (plus has added skincare benefits), I think you'll enjoy Confidence in a Compact...especially as a travel or purse-friendly option. I wouldn't say I got full coverage out of it, but it definitely gave me nice medium coverage and I love how dewy and hydrated my normally dull skin looks when I'm wearing it. 

Grab it now in a set along with the new Bye Bye Under Eye Eye Cream and Confidence in a Cream moisturizer on

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  1. Thank you for the review! I love the it cosmetics cc cream in a tube, which lasts all day on my skin and has a nice, natural medium coverage. Conversely, the cc veil, in the cushion compact, has a lighter coverage, a beautiful dewy finish, but wears off by lunch. I either have to take it to work with me for a complete touch up, or reserve it for weekend use. While I love the finish and the product, it is entirely too expensive for such limited wear. It sounds like the serum foundation has a finish similar to the cc cream, with a wear time like the cc veil. I will hold off on this one for now, as I am fully stocked with cc cream and it sounds like a better product for my needs. That said, this is a great value if you want the skin care products and/or a brush. It cosmetics brushes are fantastic. I have tried and liked both the eye cream and the confidence in a cream face cream, but there are plenty of other products of both types that I like just as well, for less expense. While they have great ingredients, the jar packaging exposes those ingredients to air and light with every opening, diminishing their effectiveness fairly quickly. This is a pass for me. Thanks again for the review!

  2. This sounds wonderful! I have drier skin like you and I'm not a kid (I'm 37 with fine lines) so I am always looking for products that won't look cakey or settle into the fine lines. I have tried the CC cream from IT and really liked it. This seems like a more portable version and I love, love, love that it has SPF 50, wow!

    1. I know right? I love the high SPF in many of their products. I dislike having to wear a separate sunscreen, but I do want to protect myself (since I've had skin cancer and also just to prevent aging). :)

  3. I'm 100% getting this! You look flawless first of all, and secondly I'd been wanting to try the Confidence moisturizer andeEye cream but didn't want to shell out $100 for them both at Sephora. I haven't ordered from QVC before but from what I'm seeing, this whole kit is just under $80 right? So basically, that is $20 less than the two skincare items but then you also get the foundation and brush! How does the "easy pay" thing work? Is it like a credit card (do I need to sign up for a QVC card???). Does it charge you interest? Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much! :) I's an awesome deal (I think it's a $187 value). Easy Pay is great and I use it pretty often! You don't need to sign up for anything or have a QVC card, it works with your regular credit card. You can just select the option at checkout and pay a portion of the total (in this case, $19.99). Then your credit card will be billed the $19.99 three more times over the next three months. That's it...there's no additional interest or anything, they just divide the cost of the kit by 4 and let you make payments on it. Hope that helps! :)

  4. Hmm, the underside of your arm is about the same color of my face so I'm thinking of going with the Fair. I hope it isn't too light, as I'm usually light in other colors. It just looks a little too dark for me and I would rather go lighter then warm up my face with bronzer if I need to. Thanks for all of the info!

    1. You're very welcome, and I totally feel your pain. It's always a bit of a struggle trying to order the right foundation shade online. You could hold off until Saturday when the presentation goes live...they might swatch all of the shades on TV and you might get a better idea of which one would fit you. :)

  5. Hi! Thank you for this review! I am currently waiting for my order. Is there a chance you could post a pic of the ingredients? I'm sensitive to one ingredient, Bismuth Oxychloride and ordered before checking first. Thanks!!


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