NEW J. Cat Beauty Now at Ulta

Happy Weekend guys! Several new J.Cat Beauty products have just dropped at and I'm so excited to see the new highlighters and the beautiful Sunset Boulevard Palette! 

I purchased the Sunset Boulevard Palette ($14.99) from the J.Cat website back in early December and quickly posted swatches on my Instagram page. But it sold out before I could write a proper review for the blog (and I hate posting a review on something if you guys can't buy it!). Now I'm excited to finally share my thoughts on it with you guys, and I'm going to get to work writing that review. But in the meantime, here are my swatches (these are not over's super pigmented!). 

Also available now is the White Goddess Highlighter (plus two other shades), which I reviewed back in October (see that post here).

Head on over to to see all the new goodies! They're available online only right now, so you won't find these in Ulta stores. :)

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  1. The eyeshadow palette is gorgeous! You are the swatch queen...they are always so perfect! Thank you for sharing this temptation.

  2. Can you please comment on where is is pallet made in?

  3. Can you comment on where is the pallet made in ?


I love getting comments from you and hearing about your experiences with the products, whether you agree with me or not. It's the best way other readers can get the best information before they buy, so keep the comments coming! :)

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