Wet n Wild Lash Renegade Mascara Review

wet n wild lash renegade mascara review
It's been ages since I tried a Wet n Wild Mascara, but the new Lash Renegade ($5.99 at Walgreens) caught my attention with its eye-catching packaging and claims of adding volume, length, and curl (I love mascaras that do-it-all).

I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and am ready to share my thoughts with you!

It’s time to start a rebellion against lanky lashes! Make this mascara your secret weapon. With a cutting edge brush that catches every lash and a killer formula that volumizes, curls, lengthens and defines, going rogue never looked so gorgeous. Break the rules and lash out.

Where to Buy: Select Walgreens stores or at wetnwildbeauty.com

Price: $5.99
wet n wild lash renegade mascara
I love the shape of the tube on this one...I don't think I've ever owned a mascara that looked like this so it's definitely unique. The wand has a plastic bristle brush with a rounded "ball" on the end of the wand for catching all of your lashes, even in the outer and inner corners of your eyes. I found it to be easy to use...at first I thought it might be too large (I usually prefer skinnier wands) but it worked out just fine.

The formula is on the wetter side but thankfully the brush is spiky enough to comb through your lashes and help to avoid too much clumping (especially if you're applying multiple coats). I applied three coats and while my lashes did clump up a little bit, I didn't mind because this mascara made my lashes super long, volumized and curled.

Also...true story...a few weeks ago I purchased this and when I got home I decided to take off all of my makeup and do my nightly skincare routine earlier than usual since I wasn't going back out. A few hours later I saw this sitting on the table and was like, "I need to try this!" so I ended up putting it on. Then at bedtime, I didn't feel like washing my face again just for the mascara (I was all out of wipes) so I left it on. When I woke up the next morning I fully expected to have major raccoon eyes but incredibly there was nothing under my eyes...nada. I was really impressed because even my most long-wearing mascaras will still smudge or flake if I sleep in them (not that I make a habit of doing that, haha).

Results- Before/After: 

Final Thoughts: 
This might bump out the Cover Girl Super Sizer as my favorite mascara! I'm going to have to take some comparison photos and see which one makes my lashes look the best but I can tell that this one is right up there...maybe even better.
I highly recommend this one! XO

Grab yours now at select Walgreens stores or at WetnWildBeauty.com

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  1. I love this mascara, too. It works really well and you can't beat the price!

    1. Agreed! It's even cheaper than a L'oreal or Maybelline formula and it's so good!

  2. Can't say I'm a fan of the packaging, but wow does the formula deliver! The result is so nice!

  3. Covergirl Super Sizer is my current holy grain mascara. I'm very interested to see the comparison shots!!

  4. OK that wand is so weird lol. It looks like it would take some getting used to? But, I may have to try it. If anything just because the tube is so fun hehe.

  5. Did you curl your lashes before putting this on?

  6. I am intrigued by the wand, particularly the little ball at the end. A couple of questions: how easy was it to remove? And if you've tried it, how do you think it compares to CoverGirl's So Lashy BlastPro? I noticed it has a similar type of funky wand, so I was curious as to how they might compare... thanks!


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